First hack out on saxon

I have had a wonderful day with my horses. My old boy Saxon is a 19 year old arab x native who is a real gentleman. We went out for a short hack with my friend walking beside me for confidence and he was as good as gold. He is only a gentle hack as he has arthritis in his left knee, funnily so do I. That means I understand and feel when he is getting sore and take it easy to rest him and then plod on quietly.

He is a lovely confidence giver which I have needed after a couple of bad experiences over the past year that has shocked me a bit. Today though I felt my confidence coming back again and really enjoyed riding him and feeling close to him communicating. He had his ears to me listening for commands and just a gentle squeeze from my calves was enough for him to respond. How lucky am I? I have weak legs and it is great to ride a horse that doesnt need strong calves!

When he retires in a year or two, Legend my young traditional gypsy cob is only 11 months old and will be just ready to bring on as Saxon retires so should be good timing.

I am sorting out photos of my horses present and past at the moment and will post them here in the near future.

Please keep visiting. Bookmark me and check out the photos and posts regularly for support. It does mean so much when it is so difficult to keep going with chronic illness and some disability. The horses are the best therapy I can have. When I am with them they calm me and keep me in the moment. That helps the pain and thinking about it.



An introduction to me

I have many hobbies and interests that mainly aim to improve my quality of life with some chronic illness that causes constant pain. I have fibromyalgia, traumatic spondylolisthesis, arthritis, calcinosis, stomach ulcer and trigeminal neuralgia.

My main love is photography which I have practiced since a teenager and wanted as a career when I was younger but academic research took over my desires and I chose to change course. My meds affect my writing and I find it hard to concentrate for long periods so my writing has taken back stage for a few years.

I want to share my photographs with you and also my love of horses and dogs. I have many hobbies and still research extensively on topics that interest me these days and hope to get back to writing as a career one day.

Whilst I was laid up in bed with a neck c2 fracture injury,once I could use my hands and arms I started to do craftwork and making cards and quilling. I quickly progressed to my old love of crocheting and started amigurumi. I am more active these days but will also get around to talking about all of my interests some of which can help chronic illness sufferers to cope with their pain.

I also during this laid up period did a lot of soul searching and philosophical reading and thought which has helped me now to have a happier and calmer outlook on life. I hope in time to share some of these findings with you.

For now, look around and feel free to comment on my is always good. Dont forget to follow my blog and I will attempt to come her often and add to what I have already mentioned.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your visit!